Frequently asked Questions 

Q. Why does George's Surf School only offer private lessons? 

We believe that teaching in small groups maximises everyone's progress. As a very specific and engaged way of teaching it facilitates faster progression and ensures a high level of individual attention. The ocean is a dynamic environment and keeping the ratio of teachers to students low greatly reduces any potential risks while enhancing the learning experience. 

Q. How far in advance do I need to book a lesson? 

Whilst we will always try and accommodate next day or even same day requests for lessons, we encourage people to book as far in advance as possible, especially during peak season (July and August and Bank Holidays). We regularly receive bookings months in advance, so the more notice you can give us, the better. 

Q. Who will be teaching me? 

Lessons are taught by George and his team of five instructors. The teaching culture is at the heart of George's Surf School and all our instructors are experienced, qualified surf instructors and lifeguards who each bring their own specialist skills to the team. GSS instructors are all over 25 and not only qualified beach lifeguards and accredited Surfing GB Surf Coaches but must also have demonstrated a commitment to professional development.  Every instructor has been trained by George in order to guarantee continuity and the highest level of learning experience.  

Q. What should I expect during a beginner lesson? 

Beginner lessons take place on the beach and in waist depth water, and combine elements of beach and ocean safety information with instruction to enable you to learn how to catch waves, handle your board, feel confident and stay safe in the ocean. Our goal is for everyone to be able to stand after their first lesson, but sometimes it can take a little longer depending on the conditions and people's individual skills and ability. 

Q. I tried surfing before but found it really difficult, I couldn't stand up. Is it worth taking a lesson with George's Surf School? 

Absolutely. The ocean is a dynamic, constantly changing environment and learning to surf can be a challenging experience. Everyone is a different shape, size and level of mobility and consequently we all require a different volume of surfboard, however with the right equipment and instruction anyone can learn how to ride waves. 

We have a wide selection of specialist boards which ensures we can always match the right board with the right person, while our team are specifically trained to identifying any obstacles which may be hindering your progression. We create the very best learning environment to maximise your opportunity to learn to surf and our goal  is to get everyone up and riding with the correct technique in a two hour lesson.

Q. I'd like to learn to surf but I get nervous around the ocean/am not a very strong swimmer. Is surfing for me? 

All our beginner lessons take place in waist-depth water, holding a surfboard that floats. Improving swimming ability and building water confidence is ingrained in the George's Surf School development programme. We work with individuals to help develop their confidence in the ocean, which in turn improves their surfing experience. If you are nervous around the ocean we encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss your concerns with you in advance of the lesson and put your mind at rest.

Q. How old must a child be to learn to surf?

We teach children from between four and six years old, however each child is different and our job is to help them to articulate their own bond with the ocean and surfing. We work around the principle that every child matters and the experience of going into the ocean and learning to surf should always be positive.  

Q. Can we surf together as a family? 

Absolutely. Surfing as a family is great fun and offers a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice together. As you progress, if there are differences in ability and physicality we may recommend that you take lessons separately in order to maximise everyone's progress. 

Q. Where do we meet? 

The meeting point for George's Surf School is Busty Moo's Magic Surf Hire in the Polzeath Beach Car Park.  The car park gets very busy in the summer so leave a little extra time before the start of your lesson to find a space and buy a ticket. 

Q. What do I need to bring? 

Water, sunscreen and any medication you might need including an EpiPen or inhaler.  

Q. Can I bring my own board? 

If you are used to surfing your own board by all means bring it to your lesson. However don't be surprised if we try you on a different board during the lesson to help you progress with something specific. One of our key goals is to get people surfing the right board for them so you not only catch more waves, but ride them for longer. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy? 

All bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment and a completed booking form. Bookings cancelled within 24hrs of the lesson/course will not be refunded. Bookings cancelled within two weeks of the lesson/course will be refunded 50% of the total booking cost.

In the event of adverse weather, or if the conditions are deemed unsuitable for surfing by Georges’s Surf School, bookings will be rescheduled. Re-arranging lessons for any other reason will incur a £10 administration fee.