George Stoy is a professional surf and alpine sports instructor with over 20 years experience coaching sport

The sun, sea and surf might bring you in, but George’s ocean knowledge, tailored teaching and great personality will get you hooked.
— Jonty Nash, California


George Stoy is a professional surf and alpine sports instructor who has developed a specific way of teaching surfing.

George's holistic approach to learning, education and building water confidence has evolved through his 23 years of teaching and coaching sport, and lies at the heart of the surf school's culture. His belief in a fun, dynamic learning and working environment has attracted a team of six highly experienced instructors that share George's vision and drive to create the very best lessons and courses in order to help people thrive in their surfing.
George divides his time between coaching clients, judging competitions, running ocean safety and avalanche awareness courses and training and qualifying instructors. He lives between his homes in Polzeath, Cornwall and Champery, Switzerland. 

George's work teaching and riding waves and mountains has taken him to surf destinations all over the world, including much of Europe, the US, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii. 


George is both a surf expert and a great coach.
— Jeff Alaoui