The right equipment, coaching methodology and instructor will help you to progress faster and get more out of your surfing.

At George's Surf School we provide bespoke private surf lessons for individuals and small groups. Combining our experience with a carefully structured methodology, we deliver specialist beginner, improver, longboard and shortboard coaching programs that take into account your surfing goals and the different motivations of men, women and children.  

“I have spent years finding the right person to learn with and was overjoyed to find George Stoy and his team of well-trained instructors”
— Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-chief, Elle magazine.

We coach 1:1 or in small private groups. This enables us to create an environment that is tailored towards the learning needs of each person, ensuring that they have fun, and also progress. This low ratio of student to instructor is especially important for surfing, where the ocean environment is beautiful and exciting but also dynamic and potentially hazardous. With private coaching you have a level of close interaction with an instructor where you have the time and space to ask all the questions you need. This enables you to learn faster, while giving you the skills and confidence to practice autonomously and safely.

What to expect 

All of our lessons are run by our team of passionate, enthusiastic and professional instructors who will meet you before the lesson, provide you with the right equipment and guide you down to the beach where they will start the surf lesson. 

Our beginner lesson takes place on the beach and in waist-depth water, and combines elements of beach and ocean safety information with instruction to enable you to learn how to catch waves, handle your board, feel confident and stay safe in the ocean. Our goal is for everyone to be up and riding by the end of their first lesson, but sometimes it can take a little longer depending on the conditions and people's individual fitness and ability. 

Beginner Lesson - Goal: riding a wave for 5 seconds

  • The lesson will take place on the beach in waist-depth water
  • Includes an introduction to the equipment and basic ocean and surf safety information
  • Learn how to catch waves
  • Move from lying down to a strong riding position
  • Develop confident board control in the whitewater

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