Polzeath Ladies Surf Club/FAQs

I'm a complete beginner, is surf club for me?

Absolutely! Each five week course will have surfers of a range of different abilities, including beginners. You will be put into a group at the start of the course with people at a similar stage to you. Our beginner lesson takes place on the beach and in waist-depth water, and combines elements of beach and ocean safety information with instruction to enable you to learn how to catch waves, handle your board, feel confident and stay safe in the ocean.

Are boards and wetsuits provided?

Boards are provided, however you will need to bring your own wetsuit. Wetsuits can be hired from Busty Moo's Surf Hire on the beach or TJ's however you will need to check opening times as we cannot guarantee they will be open early morning/ in the evening when the surf sessions take place.

Can I bring my own board?

If you are used to surfing your own board by all means bring it to your lesson. However don't be surprised if we try you on a different board to help you progress with something specific. One of our key goals is to get people surfing the right board for them so you not only catch more waves, but ride them for longer.

What's your cancellation policy/ if I miss one session, can I get a refund?

Polzeath Ladies Surf Club is a subsidised surf course available exclusively for people living locally and is offered at a substantially reduced rate from our regular surf lessons. Consequently we cannot provide any refunds once you are booked onto the course, nor can we refund any individual session that you may not be able to attend.

I can't make one session this week, can I swap to a different day?

There is a high demand for our courses and we schedule instructors at the start of each course according to how many surfers are booked on. Consequently it is not always possible to attend a session on a different day.

I'm running late for the lesson, should I give you a call?

We pick up boards promptly at the start of the session and head down to the ocean. Unfortunately, we can't hang around to wait for you if you're late. Furthermore whilst we always love to hear from you, please try and avoid calling or emailing if you can't make the session, there are many ladies in the surf club and it sends our inbox into overdrive!