Video analysis, when coupled with a strong coaching methodology and progression programme is a great tool to take your surfing to the next level.

Seeing yourself surfing is a brilliant way to align what you think and feel you are doing when you surf with what is actually happening. Video analysis has its place at every stage in your surfing, but holds particular benefits as you start to improve.

These are five reasons why we believe in video coaching for surfers:

  • Video analysis will improve your timing, posture, positioning, decision making and confidence in the water
  • Having something explained is good, seeing it and understanding it is better. 
  • Film clips help you understand your own surfing better by examining the relationship between how you feel and how you surf. This will help you become autonomous and able to improve by yourself.
  • It provides a record of how you surf and monitors your progression.
  • It enables us to identify, isolate and overcome specific issues.

A typical 2 hour video coaching session will include 1 hour and 20 minutes in the water and 40 minutes of analysis. Please contact us for further information.