A ladies surf club for all abilities

Polzeath Ladies Surf Club has been providing a friendly, accessible environment for women to learn and improve their surfing since 2013, building a community whose goal is to have fun sharing waves and get in the ocean as often as possible. 





Learn to surf with local women

The emphasis is on inclusivity, providing a place for women of all ages to give surfing a go or develop their skills and confidence in the water. This is achieved through carefully curated 5 week courses delivered by professional surf instructors and tailored to the learning needs of each surfer.  





Coaching sessions delivered by qualified instructors and lifeguards from George's Surf School 

All our instructors hold International Beach Lifeguard qualifications as well as International Surfing Association / Surfing England surf coach qualifications. As a company we champion promoting women in surfing with 50% of our team made up of brilliant, highly experienced female instructors. 


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Weekly Courses throughout the summer months - 2018 dates & times

Course 1
Monday 6.30pm-8pm  |  April 9th - May 7th  
Tuesday 10am - 11.30am | April 10th - May 8th

Course 2
Monday 7pm-8.30pm | May 14th - June 11th
Tuesday 10am-11.30am | May 15th - June 12th

Course 3
Monday 7pm-8.30pm | June 18th - July 16th
Tuesday 10am-11.30am | June 19th - July 17th

Course 4 (No session 6/7 Aug)
Monday 7pm-8.30pm | July 23rd - August 27th
Tuesday 8am-9.30am | July 24th - August 28t

Course 5
Monday 7pm-8.30pm | September 3rd - October 1st
Tuesday 10am-11.30am | September 4th - October 2nd

Course 6
Tuesday 10am - 11.30am | October 9th - November 6th

2 Saturday slots will run during the months of October and November 

To book your place email or call 01208 479006 to find out more.