'A Surfing Education'

Surfing is an ancient and beautiful sport. Harnessing the power of the ocean to ride waves takes a combination of technique, physical training and knowledge.

George's Surf School is based in Polzeath, Cornwall and provides bespoke private surf lessons for individuals and small private/family groups.
We believe in surfing all types of board with style and deliver specialist beginner, improver, longboard and shortboard coachng programs. We understand that each individual (Men, Women and Children) are motivated in a different way and our coaching reflects this.  Any GSS instructor is not only a qualified beach lifeguard, and accredited Surfing GB Surf Coach but must also demostrate a commitment to professional development beyond surfing through other sports and  the Sports Coach UK or equivalent  programs.
Surfing is all about having fun, safely and we want you to improve and become autonomous through good technique and knowledge.     The right coaching and instructor helps you progress faster and get more enjoyment from sport. At George's Surf School we combine our experience with a carefully structured methodology for our surf lessons and courses, so whether you are a complete beginner, or have been surfing for a while, we can help you progress and get the most out of your surfing and equipment enabling you to make informed decisions so that you can enjoy riding waves and feel confident in the water.

We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, providing coaching but also acting as point of contact; answering questions and offering advice on technique, equipment and travel. This relationship is a continually evolving dialogue, helping people to get the most out of their surfing and skiing. Over the years we have compiled a 'Little Black Book' of experts that we work with, to help everyone that comes to surf and ski with George's Surf School build an active lifestyle that is sustainable and works for them.

This site has been designed to answer questions you might have. We realise paying for coaching is an investment, and we want to make sure time with us is money well spent. Please get in touch and talk about your requirements, so we can ensure GSS works for you.

Many of our clients have already learnt the basics of riding a board in the white water. The common questions we help them answer are:

1. How do I catch more waves?
2. How can I get to my feet faster and ride waves further for longer?
3. How can I change direction on a wave and make better turns
4. How can I paddle out back more easily?
5. Why can I only ride in one direction with confidence?
6. How can I feel less nervous with other surfers going for the same waves?
7. How can I not feel like I'm back to square one when I havn't surfed for a while?
8. How can I overcome my fear of paddling out further?
9. How can I tell if a place is safe for me to surf & how do I choose the right destination for a surf holiday abroad?
10. How can I get the right board and wetsuit for me?

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to go out into the water safely to enjoy your surfing.

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